The shift in the market trends from B2C to B2B companies have led to a huge race for creating the best content for such marketing purposes. However, this task did not come out to be simple at all. The boom in B2B companies have led to a situation where coming up with original and fresh content that will ensure leads is something best left to professionals. In such a situation one wonders what is there to be done about such B2B content. We believe that the answer lies in personalization.

The most basic step towards personalization of content comes in the form of humanization. According to industry sources the current generation of social media users are no longer thrilled by seeing animated adverts and would rather look at something that has a story and is more humane. Let us take for example the Facebook page of ‘Humans of New York’. Their content is more or less the same all the time however the reason for their huge reach is the amount of personalization that goes into each of their posts.

Any demand generation expert would tell you that merely creating astonishing content does not lead to success in the industry. While this is true, there has never been a story of success without some groundbreaking content pushing for leads. And this is where personalization plays the most important role. Picture yourself as the consumer and realize the various needs this entity has. Your content should always be up close and personal with these needs and with your product always serving as the answer. This allows a space within the content which the consumer immediately identifies with and once you have them on board, it is absolutely on your marketing skills whether you get to hold on to that lead or not.


Content is a market that needs to be constantly updated with the passage of time. One of the safest things to do here is to get a social media analysis software which can show you a detailed analysis of how well your content has been performing. Most of these software function for more than one platform, so they can serve as an end all option for all your analytical needs. It is an absolute necessity to keep a close eye on all the content that your platform is releasing and which direction they are moving in so as to be able to create a plan for future referencing.

Social media is without doubt a huge necessity for any marketing agency, and this is primarily because the potential reach of content that is posted here is monumental. As long as a B2B marketing executive decides to try to frame their content with proper analysis of the target audience, and adds to it a decent amount of personalization, their efforts should play off just fine.

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